Web design trends with lasting impact

Design trends are constantly evolving, no matter what industry you’re in: be it fashion, automotive, and yes, especially web. Staying on top of design trends as they come and go, and recognizing which trends increase user experience for your site’s visitors will go a long way towards setting your website apart from the rest of the pack.

Creating Mobile Experiences

More and more users are browsing the web, making purchases, and consuming other digital content on their smart phones or other mobile devices. Some even predict that in the coming year, mobile web traffic will surpass that of desktop users. With that in mind, if your website isn’t optimized to be viewed on a mobile device, you are missing out on a large percentage of your user base.

Responsive web design allows for web elements to be resized and repositioned on the fly with the screen size. This ensures that no matter what device or screen resolution someone is using when they access your web content, they will receive the best possible experience.

Minimalism in Design

Minimal design may seem counter-intuitive to many business owners who want to use all the latest web elements, fonts and graphics on their site. But as is often the case, when it comes to web design, less is more. Clean, minimal design allows for a greater focus on your site’s content and the overall message you want to portray about your business. When pairing a minimal design with a few choice graphics and stunning photography to showcase your goods and services, you can quickly convey the heart of your business and create a lasting impact on your audience.

Use of Typography

Effective use of typography in designing your website or print materials gives your brand a distinct style that often carries an emotional component to it. Font choice helps define your brand and the tone you wish to convey. Hand-drawn fonts add a warm, personal touch to any design, whereas the clean lines of sans-serif fonts evoke a more modern aesthetic. Making the right selections when it comes to your type and how you want to present your business can make all the difference between a design that resonates with its audience, or one that falls on its face.

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